About Us

Orjet intermediates, an initiative by Mr. Roshan Jain, The company was established in 2002 at VATVA INDL Estate Ahmedabad. Orjet Intermediate is engaged in manufacturing of various dyes for all kinds of application , I.E leather , textile , paper, plastics, food.Infrastructure Orjet has successfully managed to invest in important factors like environment and resource infrastructure. Orjet has a state of the art production unit, with current production of 250 Metric ton / month.

Quality Control

Orjet has application laboratories for each product line - leather, paper, textile ,Plastics and food.A team of qualified technicians ensure that each and every product passes through an intensive four stage quality check to be deemed fit for shipment. Products are tested on the substrates they’re prepare for using modern equipment that is able to replicate what our customers do in their operations.


A sustained pursuit of excellence in product quality and customer service Continuous innovation in sustainable products, technology and environmental compliance to offer greater value to the customer. Constant investment in people at all levels within the organization

CSR Activity

Roshan jain , himself being a deaf and mute person, has employed people with similar disability . Orjet has also been very enthusiastic about supporting the deaf and mute in the field of sports, and has supported and sponsored a lot of events as well!